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Westminster After Dark

Westminster is now focussing on the Westminster After Dark. Please click here and read this, it does affect your business. Everything about how we survive in Soho might change, please read the document and take part.

  1. 1.3  The Council’s evening and night-time plan should seek to create an inclusive, vibrant evening and night-time environment. In doing so the plan should also seek to ensure that people are safe, and residents are not adversely impacted by the negative effects which can arise during this period.
  2. 1.4  The City of Westminster is the UK's largest evening and night-time economy, a pivotal contributor to the UK’s economic prosperity and the facilitator of a multitude of diverse employment opportunities. Licensed premises constitute a significant component of our evening and night-time economy, driving up to £3.7 billion in economic activity—an impressive 5% contribution to Westminster's overall economic landscape.
  3. 1.5  Employing approximately 80,000 individuals, of which over 9,000 are Westminster residents, these venues represent one of the largest sectors for evening and night-time employment. Notably, restaurants and cafes spearhead this economic activity, generating a Gross Value Added (GVA) of £915 million while providing employment to about 31,800 individuals during these hours.
  4. 1.6  In formulating our plan, our objective is to pioneer an approach that manages this burgeoning growth while nurturing a vibrant, well-regulated, and secure evening and night-time environment. Balancing economic vitality with regulatory oversight and safety measures remains at the forefront of our future evening and night-time plan.
  5. 1.7  The engagement approach and the development of our plan, titled "Westminster After Dark," extends beyond the usual late-night economy activities (such as licensed drinking and entertainment premises) to encompass various aspects like retail, food choices, lighting, and sports facilities, aiming for a holistic approach. Additionally, Westminster After Dark will consider the transportation options available for navigating Westminster during evening and night hours as well as seek to address the specific requirements of workers within the evening and night-time environment to ensure their needs are adequately met.
  6. 1.8  The Westminster After Dark project will be delivered through four phases: research, engagement, formulation, and review phases. Engagement efforts involve various tools and forums to gather input from residents, workers, visitors, and businesses and will include a representative Stakeholder Assembly.
    1.9  A forthcoming report to this Committee will delve deeper into thematic issues and engagement outcomes from the completion of initial engagement and the outcome of the Stakeholder Assembly. 

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