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About Us

Our Charter

Our Businesses
Protecting the interests of all businesses in Soho through building bigger relationships.

Our Streets
Public Realm / Lighting / Cleanliness / Al-Fresco Dining/ Rubbish Disposal.

Our Buildings
Protecting the character of Soho and respecting the Conservation Area Management Plan.

Our Residents
Be an interface with our residents.

Commenting upon planning applications and emerging Local Planning Policy (where relevant/necessary).

Commenting upon licensing applications and emerging Local Licensing Policy (where relevant/necessary).

Transport & Accessibility
Commenting upon Local Transport Plans and/or initiatives.

Environmental Initiatives
Commenting upon local environmental initiatives.

Promoting equality for all: gender, racial, sexual, disability and diversity in all forms.

Crime & Policing
Engage with crime and policing initiatives and be an interface with West End Policing.

Engage with WCC on the issue of homelessness & where possible provide upskilling and training.

Employee Furthering
Help with training, apprenticeships, kickstart projects to better all who work in Soho.

Marketing and Publicity
Promoting increased business & profitability for local businesses through advertising -media - cross promotion & partnerships.

Our Mission Statement

To act as a unified voice for all businesses in Soho, with the aim of protecting and growing the economic diversity of the area in which we do business, through engaging with each other, our residents, other amenity groups and the Westminster City Council, thereby protecting its unique character.

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  • Crime and policing initiatives¬†

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  • Al fresco support
  • Access to Westminster and your council and much, much more...

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SBA is proud to be supported by Soho's very best businesses, products and brands. Thank you.