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Property News Summer 22

West End and Central Activities Zone:

WCC has confirmed it will fund the waste education/enforcement post requested in the recent ‘Soho Comes Clean’ report produced by the Soho Neighbourhood Forum. This will be a crucial first step to taking forward the report’s main recommendations.

WCC officers have been tasked with completing monitoring works throughout Soho focusing on noise, traffic and air quality.

This work will allow for further understanding of issues and opportunities facing Soho and will be able to corroborate or disprove current assumptions.Officers will soon be discussing the details of proposed monitoring work with Ward Councillors. Following this, a meeting will take place with key stakeholders to ensure proposed monitoring work aligns with local ambitions and previous work such as that initiated by the Soho Neighbourhood Forum.

It is intended that proposed monitoring work will begin soon after the review with Ward Councillors and key stakeholders is completed.Once results from the monitoring work have been analysed, specific decisions will be made around the suitable next steps for future investment in Soho backing the Soho Neighbourhood Plan. The monitoring work will be completed using the WCC Soho Capital Programme.

Rupert Street ‘Late Night’ Trial

Following a series of successful evening and night-time events, Rupert Street ‘Late Nights’ trial will allow traders to exploit the West End’s evening footfall beyond the normal operating times, currently ceasing at 18:00, Thursday–Saturday. Following a consultation, this is due to commence in mid-October.

Oxford Street District We continue to work on revising the Oxford District programme to ensure that it meets its key objectives while remaining deliverable within a realistic budget and timescale, working with stakeholders including the New West End Company.  

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