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Planning 2020 - 2023

Planning in Soho from 2020- 2023 

What happened in planning applications since 2020?

A study has been commissioned of the relevant licensing applications done in Soho since 2020. There are many lessons here, such as the objections made by Soho Society and decisions made by council.

You can view all the submissions here

The summary of stats, as provided by Geraldeve:

Since the start of 2020, there have been 611 applications determined in Soho. The Soho Society has provided 57 comments, of which 50 were objections. Therefore, since 2020, it has commented on 9% of applications in Soho and 88% of its comments have been objections. The only application which it has supported in this period is the redevelopment proposed at the northeast corner of Soho Square which included a public roof terrace.

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