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Operation Retail: Reporting

As of the 17th July 2023 Central West Crime Assessment Team is introducing Op Retail. Op Retail is a new process for the Police to investigate theft reports from retail premises where an evidence pack is sent directly to the retailer to complete. In order for the Police to work smarter and allow more time to investigate high harm thefts we will be using Op Retail in the below circumstances.

  • Where CCTV is the only line of enquiry.
  • Where the suspect is not a repeat offender.
  • Where violence or weapons have not been used.
  • If the goods stolen are from a retail chain and the value is under £500.
  • If goods stolen are from a smaller retailer and the value is under £200.

In these circumstances The Crime Assessment Team will send you an evidence pack via email. The pack will consist of a letter explaining how to complete the evidence pack, an Axon link for CCTV and two statements.

Once the evidence pack has been sent the crime report will be closed. If the evidence pack is returned the evidence will be reviewed and if it is adequate the report will be opened and investigated.

When you report a crime please make sure that you provide an email address for the person you would like the pack sent to. Please also state if the suspect is a repeat offender and whether violence or weapons were used.

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