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Wonderhood Design offer for Soho!

Wonderhood Design is an independent practice founded and based in the heart of Soho. They create bespoke design, branding and identity projects for clients and local businesses.

Wonderhood have an ambition to give back to our local neighbourhood through creativity and design. This year, they’ve started their Neighbourhood Fund where they partner with a single Soho to collaboratively create design and branding ideas, free of charge.

Depending on the partner, they’d set a list of deliverables and a timeframe to work to. This could be anything from a new logo, website design updates, new signage, bags or menus. We’re open to working with each business to create unique solutions.

It’s an opportunity Wonderhood Design are really excited about and would love to kick off as soon as possible, getting underway across the summer.

If you're interested, please contact us by mailing [email protected]!

Wonderland Design

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