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CCTV and Security questionnaire

Would you be open to creating a network of CCTV using your cameras?

This form is to collect information on existing private CCTV systems in Soho so that we can:
(1) more easily co-ordinate evidence gathering by the police when they investigate crime and
(2) consider additional cameras that could be added to cover more of the public realm and eliminate areas that have no coverage.  

CCTV Camera Questions

Step 1 - Identify yourself and your business, please

Please help us identify you and where your business is in Soho

Step 2: Information about your CCTV and cameras.

We are finding out whether we can create a network of outside cameras to be shared with police for crime:

Step 3: CCTV going forward

Please tell us your opinions on creating a single CCTV network across Soho.

Data and GDPR

Please let us know your current situation with legalities in GDPR.

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