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Night Tzar

Documents and links from the Night Tzar, Amy Lamé, to support your business

We are pleased and proud to have the ongoing support from the office of the Night Tzar, Amy Lamé.

Amy has offered The Alliance the Safer Business Network Response Pack, attached here for you:

SBN C19 Response Pack - Best Practice - Managing Offenders & Anti-Social Behaviour

SBN C19 Response Pack - Check List - Closed Premises

SBN C19 Response Pack - Check List - Customer Safety Protocols

SBN C19 Response Pack - Check List - Safety Measures

More useful info: 

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There are lots of good reasons to join Soho Business Alliance!

SBA membership gives all these benefits and more

Free legal advice

  • Licensing law
  • Planning and application advice and property law
  • Free contract advice
  • Free labour law
  • Free immigration law
  • Involvement in crime and policing initiatives 


A unified voice for businesses in Soho
Maintaining and growing Soho’s unique character
Responding to Policy (Local Authority & National)
Engagement with:
Westminster City Council, Blue Light Services & Environmental Issues (Public Realm / Refuse / Noise / Air Quality)


Member group discounts on essential services and supplies

  • Cheaper waste management deals
  • Offers  and support on all sorts of services
  • Group promotions to increase visibility


Supporting your planning applications*
Supporting your licensing applications*
Raising awareness of security issues / threats
Preferential purchasing arrangements for members
Informal mentoring and advice

Connecting: Soho

First Tuesday Networking
Making introductions and creating opportunities
Monthly ‘Soho Briefing’ Newsletter
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