Soho Plan

Have your say in the future of Soho.

The Soho Neighbourhood Forum has presented the Plan for Soho. 
This will be voted on the 2nd of September.

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Please note, there are no alternatives and no changes possible - simply a Yes or No vote. 
We will not advise you which way to vote. 

You can view the plan here

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The only part we note:
Policy 12 – ‘Food and Drink Uses: Proposals for new food uses (Class E), public houses, drinking establishments, take-aways and music venues (Sui Generis) uses which require planning permission and are contiguous to residential use must comply with the ‘agent of change’ principle and demonstrate that they will not have unacceptable amenity impacts (including in relation to noise, vibration and odours).

This employs the ‘reverse’ agent of change principle, the principle having been established to protect existing established noise generating uses from new residential development. However, conversely, I note that the Section of the NP dealing with ‘housing’ does not contain a Policy such that new housing shall also employ the agent of change principle.