As part of the Soho Business alliance you get...

We promise to continue to do all we can to keep the streets Al Fresco.

We are working closely with WCC, Licensing, Regulators and of course, You to keep this alive. 


This started in March with our efforts to unite all of Soho, saving businesses and keeping jobs and families alive. We hope to continue to support all business in Soho to get through the pandemic and continue to grow after the chaos ends.

We are currently in discussion with WCC on many subjects, our report will follow soon. 

We have some wonderful links coming from the Night Tzar to help you:

Business Hub for free help and advice:

Pay it forward with funds matched by the mayors office:

Culture at risk:

And asks us all to spread the word and gather data on the Licensing Consultation:


We are very pleased to offer the members of the Soho Business Alliance access to free Legal Advice on a number of topics. Please select below to help us guide our query to the right person / company:

Drink Delivery and Purchasing 

Special offer via Soho Business Alliance to match or better whatever prices you are getting on your drink delivery:

Contact us here for the code / intro 

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