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The Future of Soho

We have submitted to the KANDA consulting and we hope you have also emailed them individually about what you would like to see happen in Soho.

To act as a unified voice for all businesses in Soho

Stronger together

Soho is a community unlike any other. A wide variety of businesses exist side by side, thriving from its diversity. SBA actively encourages business owners to work together to preserve this unique commercial and residential community and explorer new ways to grow.  

with the aim of protecting and growing the economic diversity of the area

Soho experience counts

The pandemic has meant that Soho business owners and managers are interacting like never before and SBA is helping them to share issues and ideas for the benefit of all. The 24-hour nature of Soho's commercial and social life poses significant challenges. SBA is always on hand with experience and advice to hekp with all kinds of issues.

through engaging with each other,

Grow your professional Soho network

With its blend of business expertise in all areas, SBA is your first point of call to draw on the past experiences and vast professional network of its members. 

our residents, amenity groups and the Westminster City Council

SBA gets heard

Sometimes it's hard to be heard above the clamour of Soho's hectic culture, especially if you are opening a new business in the area. SOHOBA identifies the best channels for your issues to be dealt with and ensures that you get the ear of the right people at all the right levels. 

thereby protecting its unique character.

Totally inclusive representation

The rapid growth of SBA from an idea to a thriving and significant forum for local business-related issues is a positive reminder that even the most competitive commercial environment benefits from co-operation and shared ideas. Soho embraces all walks of life and SBA is proud to represent the businesses that bring those people to its streets.

Our Sponsors

SBA is proud to be supported by Soho's very best businesses, products and brands. Thank you.