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Soho Survey Results

The survey was primarily to answer this question:

Do you support Soho Al Fresco during Summer 2021 (begins April 12th)?

The resounding answer is YES with 1,097 (100%) - 99% Yes / 1% No

The respondents are:

Residents - 78 (7%) - 94% Yes / 6% No
Business Owners - 89 (8%) - 100% Yes / 0% No
Workers - 294 (27%) - 100% Yes / 0% No
Visitors - 699 (64%) - 99% Yes / 1% No
Other - 6 (1%) - 100% Yes / 0% No

We received the following comments: 

Big fan of the scheme.
This keeps jobs
We need to support the Soho we all know and love
Could be so much more if centrally coordinated with effective marketing, promotions and venue activations to give the entire outlook a feel of being cohesive.
Unequivocally in favour!
I loved that this finally happened last year - and believe it should happen every year. Provides a great atmosphere for the area and makes it feel very continental.
It is a great event for Soho and central London. Hospitality needs all the assistance it deserves
It’s vital to businesses in Soho
Love soho al fresco
We love to visit the soho area as much as we can, and we absolutely loved the AL Fresco in soho last year.
Soho should be a beacon for people - pedestrianise the whole area & use this unfortunate pandemic as an opportunity to test a solution.
We visited last year when it was Al Fresco and thought this was great idea and one which supports the businesses. Hopefully this will go ahead again and we can enjoy the area and atmosphere again
It’s a needed space to help all the restaurants . And outside dining is now preferable for some clients
Soho al fresco led the way for councils in the UK and World. Obviously it should continue forever.
I support this program. What a great way to protect jobs, employment long term, keep people paying their taxes and business rates. Seems beyond common sense
So many business need this to survive!
I really enjoyed the environment when this was allowed over the summer
Very organized and a fantastic atmosphere!
Great for tourism and businesses which need it the most.
Completely necessary, completely wanted.
I think a few of the inner smaller roads should be permanently closed off for Al Fresco all year round.
Schemes like this were the only positive outcome of the pandemic. Restaurants and bars deserve to be open in a safe manner and shouldn't be punished for not having an outdoor space. Instead, these outdoor spaces should be created for them. These initiatives also massively add to the vibe in the city - making the grim Covid-dominated years a bit more bearable.
Very good to come back
Introduction of outdoor dining will be essential to my revisiting Soho. I plan on only visiting venues which provide this due to the Covid situation. I feel that proper controls will make this attractive to everyone.
Having the flexibility of alfresco dining last summer was integral to the business and overall vibe of soho... with such limited indoor space to adhere to social distancing restrictions it was a life saver!
Would be a really nice way to improve business in the area. Know a lot of my friends would love it
Time to support businesses before there are none to support. The idea of alfresco is both beneficial for the business and the government as well as to the people until we are through this pandemic.
Soho al fresco initiative has been, is and will be a defining action to the recovery of the area after Covid 19.
With the combined efforts of all parts involved , this has been a responsible and well organised response to the catastrophic consequences of the pandemic.
The livelihood of thousands of people and the future of Soho as a whole hinges on its continuity .
This is a great idea would love to eat outside in the greatest city in the world
Please keep the al fresco dining! It’s an amazing experience and tourist destination!
Is the best way to get business back on course

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